Experimenting With Photoshop

The other day I was trying to find some tutorials for Photoshop, and I stumbled across one on Pinterest that’s been my inspiration the last few days. Here is a link to the blog with the video tutorial. The video is about ten minutes, and totally worth your time! Up until now I only used the RGB part of curves, but after watching this video I’ve been experimenting with using the Red, Green, and Blue separately as well- in color and black and white.

I’ve also been experimenting with adding some grain to give my photos an old vintage feel. Photography is an art, and while normally I don’t edit my photos a lot, I’m really enjoying playing around with them and creating different looks! I’ll even include a few before/afters for you to see! So… enjoy!

IMG_2498 copy watermarked

IMG_2502 copy watermarked

IMG_2539 copy watermarked

Before and After ^

IMG_2567 watermarked

Look. At. That. Face. I love him!!!

IMG_2578 watermarked

Another before and after! ^

IMG_2610 bw watermarked

I was trying to go for an eerie/creepy feel with this one. I’m not totally happy with it, but ehhh that’s okay. Want to see the before and after of that one side by side?

Yes this one has four different versions… haha! From left to right: original, color, black and white, black and white with grain.

IMG_2661 copy watermarked

Now that I’m across the world from my mother and her amazing photography skills, it’s rare that I’m on the other side of a high quality camera but praise the Lord, my husband is a great photo-taker. I adjusted the settings and all so it’s as simple as focusing and snapping the picture, but I guess it’s not as easy as it sounds. Anyway- my husband is good at it! Praise the Lord!

IMG_2640 bw watermarked

With, and without grain ^

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Hiking With my Hubby

Hey friends! On Sunday afternoon, Jared and I went for a hike at Whangarei Heads. It was only a short hike (it took about an hour total) but it was pretty steep. At the top there was a gorgeous 360 view! You could see every direction. It was also pretty windy and if you’re a bit afraid of heights, it might make you kinda nervous… (yes I am talking to myself). I took my camera and got some gorgeous photos! Then today my camera fell apart sooooo that’s fun… The battery hatch fell apart, so I’m trying to figure out how to put it back together, that’s all. Worse case scenario I buy a new battery hatch. Or a battery grip. It’s not the end of my camera, thankfully! It’s just out of commission until I get it figured out.

Yesterday I was so busy all day so I didn’t get a chance to upload my photos to the computer, but today I finally did, and I had fun playing around with a few of them!

IMG_2654 watermarked.jpg

How handsome is he?!?! REALLY handsome if you ask me!

IMG_2675 watermarked

You know you are married to your soulmate when your spouse can take decent photos of you (okay the focus isn’t quite spot on in this one but still! Still great!)

IMG_2640 watermarked.jpg

On our way back down I stopped to take some photos because THIS TREE is GORGEOUS!!! Okay actually I stopped several times to take photos, but again, this tree?! I love it! And that’s just the background of this photo, the real star is that hottie in the right hand corner ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_2611 watermarked.jpg

So I definitely need to work on my black and whites — well I need to work on all my editing– but I love the angles and all the branches in this photos. I took this photo on our way down, and I was standing above Jared. It was SO steep!

Now this was the really fun part! I decided to play around with Photoshop and try and create a moody look. The photo on the left is edited normally (I usually adjust the exposure, sharpness, warmth, and the tint if necessary), and the photo on the right is the one that I played with. I really love it! It’s just a first attempt but I’m really happy with it. Except why is the inside of Jared’s hood bright blue?! That kinda ruins it…. lol

I have plenty more photos that I’ll be sharing later this week, once I edit more! If you know of any tutorials for moody photos, or black and whites… hit me up in the comments!

Saturday Means Rugby!

Hey guys! Most Saturdays– wait that’s not accurate. Sorry. Every Saturday, Jared referees rugby. He really enjoys it! Depending on the week and how much housework I’ve let pile up I sometimes stay home but sometimes go with him. This past week I went along with him, and it was a great day. It’s July so it was chilly, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the entire time… I mean come on we were there for two games (He refereed the first one and was the AR for the second) and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the game. So I did bring a book, and my phone… but I did watch at times, and enjoyed it! It was prems and prem reserves, so it was really exciting.


I didn’t take any pictures of the game he refereed but these are from the one he was the Assistant Referee for. What is your favorite way to spend Saturdays? After this we came home and watched tv cause come onnnn that’s what we do all the time! Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, anyone?

A Little Peek

At our new place!!! I took some photos of our house to show my friends. I’m still (yes STILL) working on unpacking the office/guest room… I can’t figure out how to put the bed frame together, and I need to go to the Warehouse Stationary and get some supplies to organise the ridiculous amount of paper that’s currently in stacks on the desk… agh! Besides that I’ve basically unpacked everything. Plus I’m almost caught up on laundry! And yes it has been two whole weeks….

One of my favourite things about this house? We can hang things on the walls! Honestly it’s a little thing but it makes a big difference. Having pictures in the walls makes it feel more like a home.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of red… but as you can see that’s a bit of a theme in this house so I’ve decided I like it (what else is there to do…) I do LOVE that tile in the kitchen though! Plus the stove/oven works great.

We’re also in a great neighbourhood, and still nice and close to town. I took Sonic for a walk last week because I had to drop off some banking in town, and it was the first time I’ve actually taken him there! Normally I’m going inside a store or something so I don’t want to take him. He did really well and only growled at a few people. He’s pretty adorable anyways though so they didn’t mind!

I also walked to the library in the rain last week, which was fine because I have a nice raincoat. Except it was raining wayyyy harder than I realized and I was soaked before I got halfway to the library… don’t worry I kept the books nice and dry under my coat!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Coffee Cake Muffins from Damn Delicious

Hey guys!!! Today has been a wonderful day (detecting sarcasm… levels:high). Guess what I did? I was editing a video of our move and right when I was done- literally, I was trying to upload it to YouTube- I accidentally deleted allllllll the video clips that were in the video. Yup. Deleted. Gone. Not on iCloud (full). Not on recently deleted (phone storage full)…. So that’s a flop.

So today I’ll be sharing with you a recipe instead. I found this recipe for coffee cake muffins on Pinterest and printed it off ages ago. Well, the other day I finally made it and THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! Jared even said they were the best thing I’ve ever baked…. they’re insanely delicious. Super easy to make too, it’s a simple recipe.


This recipe is from Chunga, who writes the blog Damn Delicious, and here is the link to the recipe.

Just make them. Trust me. So. So. So. worth it.

By the way… if you’re not convinced, at least click on the link because her muffins look way better than mine and her photos are amazing as well.

I’ll try my best to upload a video next week but who knows I could totally mess that up like I did this week…. I feel so dumb, but, I guess all I can do is just move on! I need to dig my camera out and take some photos around our new place… there are so many flowers! Stay tuned for Friday’s post as well, I have no clue what it will be about, but I’ll think of something ๐Ÿ˜‰

p.s. I don’t ever swear but I can’t really help the name of the blog I found these on… so, sorry about the swear word! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fresh Lemons!

We have been so, so busy this past week, which is why I haven’t been on here much. I’m really sorry for that! Things should calm down in a week or two, but in the meantime I’ll do my best to keep posting over here anyways.

I’m so excited because on Sunday I picked some lemons from our tree for the first time! I love lemons, so I was really hoping that we would get some ripe ones before we move to a different house.ย 34415251_1360774374022132_6574933719960780800_n.jpg

Yes, I was so excited I made Jared take a photo of me and my lemons!

Friday I was just down the road from Mount Parihaka, so since it was only a few minutes to the top, I drove up and enjoyed the gorgeous view for a bit before heading home.

Yes, how gorgeous is this city?! Basically everywhere you go there are views like this.

Yes, look at my gorgeous lemons!!! Honestly all I did was leave this tree alone and hope for the best, so I’m so glad that they turned out great. I did the same with the mandarins, and we’ve been enjoying those for a month or two now!

What are you up to this week? Busy or taking it easy?

Birthday Photos and Sonic

Jared’s birthday last week was tons of fun… his family came over in the evening and we had dinner and played games. I didn’t take any photos then, but I took some earlier when he got home from work and I gave him his gift. And no it wasn’t a hint to shave, the razor is what he wanted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Weย  have been so busy lately, but it’s nice sometimes to just slow down and enjoy life.


By the way it’s also been freezing cold lately… I mean not technically freezing but close enough, it was 42F this morning and the ground was covered in frost. We’re pretty happy that our landlords put in a heat pump a few months ago!


What a weirdo… but I love him. He recently learned to get on the couch by himself, and it’s so annoying because he’s not allowed on it unless there’s a human being there as well to supervise him, but he’s a persistent little fella.


He’s pretty adorable though… and he loves to cuddle with us, especially as it’s getting colder!

He’s 4 months old now, and seriously he’s such a great dog! Having a puppy is great in some ways and really inconvenient in others… when our rental agreement is up and we have to move, it’s going to be a lot harder to find a house because we have a dog. And he’s kind of annoying sometimes. But having a dog is amazing too, he’s going to be so loyal when he’s older, and he’s already such a sweet puppy! He is incredibly playful too, and even though he sometimes bites, he’s mostly good with new people. Now if only he’d actually come when I call him…. ๐Ÿ˜‰